Jeff Krupkowski

Dispensary General Manager

Jeff Krupkowski is a graduate of Iowa State University, where he received his BS in Genetics with a minor in horticulture. With former experience in an agricultural lab setting, he currently manages one of the largest hydroponics stores in Kansas City, where he has increased sales over 60% since being hired in 2014. Through this experience managing Kansas City’s primary provider of indoor, CEA supplies, Mr. Krupkowski has assisted the majority of local cultivators in the area, including advising on everything from room design to integrated pest management to nutrient formulations. In addition to designing horticultural strategies and constructing grow rooms for his customers, Mr. Krupkowski also teaches classes on hydroponics, aquaponics, propagation, and soil/ container gardening. His responsibilities with KC Cannabis include developing the standard operating procedures to be implemented at the cultivation facility, overseeing KC Cannabis’ Research & Development department, sourcing genetic material, troubleshooting issues at the cultivation facility, and maintaining cultivation equipment.