Forest Palmer

Communications Director

Forest Palmer is a multifaceted cannabis professional and advocate with a wide range of knowledge in the industry. He has a passion for cannabis and has already been providing a form of cannabis medicine to the public as a general manager of 4 CBD stores in the Kansas City area. During his time as general manager, Forest not only oversaw the day-to-day operations of each store, he was also in charge of training new employees and franchisees on cannabis knowledge. Training periods lasted nearly 2 weeks with the first 5 days being dedicated entirely to patient education and the following 5 days covering how to relay that information to a client base that was widely unaware of cannabis medicine.

After growing the original 4 stores he was tasked to oversee, Forest then moved on to opening his very own storefront. Since then Forest has shifted his focus to educating the public on what cannabis medicine could do for them, speaking at events and groups all across the Kansas City metro. Speaking at, and attending cannabis events has given Forest the opportunity to become intermingled in the growing cannabis community and establishing a statewide network of friends and soon to be colleagues. Establishing this network will provide seamless, synergistic cooperation with other companies which will allow the industry and our company to improve.

All of this experience allows Forest to bring many assets, experiences, and connections to the table for Kansas City Cannabis Co. His first-hand work with cannabis professionals and medicinal cannabis consumers has allowed him to consistently grow his knowledge base for the plant, his managerial and training experience will provide the company with structure and organization and his connections in the Missouri cannabis industry will help bridge the gap between companies allowing Kansas City Cannabis Co to provide a wider option of medicines to the patients that need them most.